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Calcolatore on Line per il potenziale fotovoltaico. Learn how to determine your roof solar potential by a free online tool of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), then if you want to refine the method and have more precise information with a feasibility study, contact the Italia Solar experts: : they will support you in assessing the viability of your investment.

You can also contact us by providing only the geographical coordinates of your roof (easily retrievable from Google Maps), in a few days we will send you a rough estimate directly to your inbox.

Stay updated on the italian government's measures on energy efficiency by reading ENEA Website and request Italia Solar support for a technical proposal and and an estimate of the economic return. Read the informational brochures to find out where you position yourself within the energy saving initiatives and remember that "the most efficient way to produce energy is energy saving."

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There are several commercial software that relate to the technical and economic analysis of PV, Italia Solar have selected the following links where you can download for free or buy professional tools:

  • Transys is a software for electrical transient analysis from The University of Wisconsin; main applications include: solar systems (solar thermal and photovoltaic systems), low energy buildings and HVAC systems, renewable energy systems, cogeneration, fuel cells.;

  • INSEL is a software for power systems modeling and monitoring.

  • Homer   is a software that implements a model for the optimization of micro-generation systems from renewable sources;

  • SAM (Solar advisor Model)   is a technical economic model to simplify the investment decision-making process;

  • Greenius   is very powerful tool for the calculation and the analysis of electrical power systems from renewable sources (in German);

  • SOLinvest  is a comprehensive application for professionals in the PV;

  • RETScreen® International is an investment decision making support tool;

  • PV*SOL  is a multi-product suite for design, simulation and financial analysis of PV systems ranging from small to large off-grid residential to grid connected systems and commercial production;

  • PV F-CHART  provides estimates of average monthly return for each hour of the day: the calculations are based on methods developed by the University of Wisconsin;

  • Laplace System , the manufacturer provides several tools for both photovoltaic and wind energy ;

  • Solmetric PV Designer™ is a software suited for the design of small systems;

  • PVSYST is our experts' preferred software for photovoltaic systems simulation, it implements a powerful feature for shading calculation;

  • PV Professional  is a software mainly addressed to suppliers of photovoltaic systems, it allows to identify adn to calculate the cost of plant materials by providing a graphical representation, the output is a detailed statement of the material required for the facility (including frame and plan editor), it's only available in German.