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Italia Solar srl
via A. da Montefeltro 2
10134 Torino - Italy
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Italia Solar is a dynamic and lean company that leverages the experience of its founders in the renewable energy and energy efficiency areas in order to contribute to the environment conservation



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Supporting the preservation of the environment in which we live and make sure that the future generations will inherit it better than we found it


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Creating a platform of electricity micro-generation systems by building a photovoltaic plant on each roof


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Competence, professionalism, focus on customers, respect for the environment and for people, transparency


The main Italia Solar’s business lines consist of:
  • Installation of photovoltaic plants on the roof of industrial and rural buildings

  • Advisory (feasibility studies) for the realization of photovoltaic plants

  • Market research worldwide (on behalf of third parties) on photovoltaic plant components

  • Design and installation of photovoltaic noise barriers

Why Italia Solar?

Italy is known all over the world as the “Country of the Sun” (il “Paese del Sole”)

This reputation is effectively confirmed by the irradiation data (the Italian average irradiation is among the highest in Europe). Despite its natural potential, the use of the solar source, at present, is partially unexpressed. In particular, the roofs of industrial and rural buildings represent a huge potential resource for the production of alternative energy.

Italia Solar seeks to support small and medium firms in order to identify systems which allow the use of such surfaces for the production of clean electricity. This results in the possibility to generate an income flow from assets which are typically instrumental to the core business and hence do not produce any revenue.

Italia Solar's customers benefit from a multi-disciplinary team (with a solid expertise in the technical, financial, management and engineering fields), driven by a strong passion for the environment and striving for excellence. Italia Solar aims at becoming a small brick for building up the country that we all dream about: respectful of people and of the environment, able to make the most of natural resources and willing to hand over the world to future generations better than we found it.

From Photon to Electron by roof;